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So I'm a little in-between things right now...

I'll be honest–as much as I'd love to link you to my new project right now, I'm currently busy writing scripts and storyboarding my next videos.

Inspired by the likes of Vox, Answer in Progress, and Phil Edwards, this channel will focus on all the things that make us go, "HMM, I wonder why that is?"

So if you're the curious type, feel free to check out my old portfolio website. I've since worked as a video producer + editor at a tech startup and tried my hand at freelancing, so things might be a little dusty in there.

But if you need me, I'm there as a Creative Freelancer...


Need photos that capture your branding, a new profile picture to show off a landmark in your relationship, or want some cute photos with your new pup? I'm here for you.


Are you a fun person? Great. Let’s create some videos that show how awesome you are. Because while not everyone wants to be a "content creator," your videos can help you thrive in this video-centric digital world.

Web Design

Want a web designer who'll create a colorful experience for your clients. Complete with the whole branding package, we'll create a website that you feel encapsulates your energy.

Hi, I'm Laura!

I'm constantly asking myself "I wonder why that is?"

Have you asked yourself any of these questions:

  • why are commercials so BORING these days? Let's bring back the jingles.
  • why do the buildings at my alma mater look absolutely MEDIEVAL, when they're just over a hundred years old?
  • why do we say things like "what a bombshell" and "you look like a knockout"?

Just me? Well–at least you're curious now!

In this new video series, inspired by the likes of Vox, Phil Edwards, and Answer in Progress, I'm going to be taking a deep-dive into each of these topics.

Want to stay tuned? I can put you on an email list so you can keep updated.

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Wanna be Friends?

Wanna Be Friends?

Like a lot of us post-Covid, I spend a lot of my time working from home all alone.

I'd love to meet at a coffee shop, go to an event together, or even just spend some time chatting on Zoom.

(Bonus points if you love cats!)

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