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Brand Photos that’ll make you excited to hit "share"

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Laura Katelin the Photographer

Maybe you’re tired of telling yourself, “well, if I just showed up CONSISTENTLY, I’d get a lot more done.”

Consistency, consistency, consistency–we've all heard we need it.

But when your camera roll is filled with toddlers, cats, or photos of the spider that’s been crashing rent-free on your porch for 3 months, it can be hard to figure out what to post.

But what if posting on social media could be easy?

What if you had a store of ready-made photos and videos to post, so you could add value every day without necessarily getting out of bed or scheduling around busy meetings.


You’re the face of your brand–so you’ll probably want to show your face sometime.

But between answering emails, meetings with clients, and writing out content–it can be really hard to find time to set up a tripod and do it yourself.

In just one day, we can create all the content you need to show up with confidence on your website & social media.

I'm there for you if you need...


Need photos that capture your branding, a new profile picture to show off a landmark in your relationship, or want some cute photos with your new pup? I'm here for you.


Are you a fun person? Great. Let’s create some videos that show how awesome you are. Because while not everyone wants to be a "content creator," your videos can help you thrive in this video-centric digital world.

Posing + Styling

If you've ever heard yourself saying "I'm awkward with photos," I'm here for you every step of the way. From creating a comprehensive plan for the photo shoot day to giving you advice on what to wear, I've got you.

Hi, I'm Laura!

As a creative at heart, I'm passionate about creating photos that truly represent your brand.

You have a secret superpower.

(Actually, you probably have many–I see you fighting the patriarchy and creating social change while managing to run a business.)

But your superpower in business–it’s called your brand.

And “brand” is so much more than just using pretty colors, or that cool font you saw on a cookie box.

Branding is about YOU, and what you stand for.

When someone works with you, they’re hiring your super special touch that’s as unique as your fingerprint.

Why? Because you’re you–and you do things with personality to give them their unique results.

So let's show off how awesome you are!

But don't just take it from me...

So far, we have had two photoshoots together. Laura is so easy to work with, and she never gets upset if you don’t pose well, she just tries a different angle. She is always there to help you be the best version of yourself. After the photoshoot, I was so hyped to get the photos and the excitement increased when I saw the finalized and edited pictures.
man in traditional african dashiki shirt smiles at camera
Laura is so easy to get along with and she made the whole experience really comfortable and lighthearted. I was able to relax pretty quickly even though I am not always happy being photos. This experience was different.  I have never gotten professional photos taken of me before as I did not get senior photos, so this was quite cool for me.
woman sits on corner at the top of a parking garage, with a blue sky dotted with clouds in background
My experience with Laura was refreshing. She took her time, taking copious photos, letting me pick where I wanted my photos taken as well as giving me suggestions for locations. During our photoshoot, she would review the photos with me in case I didn’t like them or wanted a different angle or pose.

When I saw the photos for the first time, I was ecstatic! They turned out even better than I was hoping! I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone looking to get photos for an event or photoshoot!
man in plaid shirt sits on ornate stone steps
Laura is one of my best friends at Lehigh and when I discovered she was a photographer, I had her take photos of me, and I was moved by how beautifully she executed the session. The photoshoot was relaxing and super fun, and I felt comfortable and free to express myself. She also picked out some of the best locations around campus and set up the best shots.
Olivia White
laughing woman sits on stone steps